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The Sixth Gun

The Sixth Gun, Vol. 1: Cold Dead Fingers - Cullen Bunn, Brian Hurtt

I need to stop reading comics late at night, especially volumes. Because, strangely enough if it is any good then I can’t stop reading until it’s finished. Lucky for me this first volume of The Sixth Gun was only 159 pages long so it didn’t take that long time to finish it.  (Luckily I only had the first volume on the ipad so I couldn’t start with volume 2…


The Sixth Gun is story about a very special gun that makes the carrier see into the future. Also the person that picks up the gun is stuck with it until…well until the he or she dies and it’s picked up by someone else. Only one person at the time can carry it, others get hurt by it if they try to pick it up. In the beginning of the comic is it a old preacher that has the gun but after his death it’s his stepdaughter that picks it up and now she together with Drake Sinclair and Billjohn O’Henry, two gunfighters, is trying to get the other five guns (all with special powers to the carrier) and also trying to stop the original owner getting his hands on the sixth gun. If he does get his gun back and the rest of the five he will unleash hell on earth...


This was a terrific read, paranormal + western. How I love when those two genres mix up. Honestly I probably enjoy any genre with a lit mix of paranormal in it. But anyway it was really, really good and as soon as I have time I will start with the next volume. There are seven of them!!! (Happy)