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Wonderland Asylum

Wonderland: Asylum - Raven Gregory, Patrick Shand

Mental note to self: Before requesting a graphic novel from NG check to see that it’s not part of a series!

I found the story in this graphic novel a bit confusing, mostly I think because I haven’t read a single issue about Alice and her family before I started with this one. I was so intrigued by the cover that I didn't check up the graphic novel. (Lesson learned!!!)


Anyway as far as I can tell this is the story about Alice granddaughter Violet that happens to show up in Wonderland because of The Void, the Wonderland incarnated, and he has the notion that he and Violet are destined to be together. Violet doesn’t take that so well. Also he has taken the form of James Franco just because Violet thinks he is hot. And now he tries to get her to marry him. Meanwhile the hatter arrives in Wonderland and she is also after Violet but she is more after to hurt her…


If you have read the previous volumes you will probably understand this volume more than I did and most certainly appreciate it more than I did. It wasn't bad to read, but if you haven’t read anything before is it like opening a book in the middle and starting to read. Doesn’t work that well…


Thank you Netgalley for providing me with a free copy for an honest review!