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Red Blooded

Red Blooded - Amanda  Carlson

I want to thank orbit for providing me with a free copy for an honest review!


The book starts with Jessica trying to prepare herself with some training in magic (with the help from some witches) before she descends into hell to find her brother who has been captured by the Prince of Hell. And of course nothing goes as it is planed and by sheer luck/mistake does she descends to hell a bit earlier than the witches and she had expected.


Red Blooded is the fourth book about Jessica McClain, the only female in a male race of werewolves. This is the first book in the series that I read so I have a bit of disadvantages in that everything is new to me and it doesn’t get easier that so little is explained. During my reading of this book I had to gather information about the characters and past experience to make sense of the story in this book.


I can see the appeal of the book but I think you should start with book one and not like me jump in and read book four. I usually don’t read books in the middle of a series. But Red Blooded arrived home to me as a bit of a surprise (since I didn’t agree to read the book but who am I to be upset when I get surprises like that) and I thought what the heck, it looks like a book that will not take forever to read and it’s paranormal.


Overall the book wasn’t bad, I just got a bit impatient towards to end but I think it had very much to do with the feeling of frustration that there is so much back history that I didn’t know that mattered to the story on this book. People that popped into the story and you get some info about them but not enough.


Would I read the previous books? Yes I would, even though that whole heroine, the one in the kind, prophesied to greatness, is something I feel can be a bit annoying. One thing for sure I would rather read the previous books in the series before I would read the next one.


2 ½ stars! I felt a bit too much lost in the story to give it a higher rating. And towards the end I had to force myself to finish reading it. That’s not a good felling when I read a book.