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About me

Yes, what about me? My name is Magdalena and I'm Swedish. And, I'm quite sure that I'm a bookaholic and a book hoarder. But, I don't mind. And. the best part is that I have found thanks to reading and reviewing books a whole lot of new friends.


It's a Mad Mad World was created in 2014. Before that had I never really wholehearted written reviews. I started to rate and review on a Swedish book site called boktipset a couple of years ago, then I discovered Shelfari which led me to Goodreads. And. that's when my life changed and I really became more serious about writing reviews.  


And, at the same time as I created my blog did I join Netgalley. Looking back, that was really the turning point in my life. And, now around 2 years later have I quite a busy life reviewing books, both my own, but also ARC's from NetGalley and Edelweiss. Not to mentioned all the blog tours I do. 


Recently I joined Fresh Fiction and have written some review for that site. 


I also have a sister site called A Bookaholic Swede. because why have one blog site when you can have two? Also, I wanted somewhere where I posted mainly reviews.