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Mayhem - Sarah Pinborough

The story in Mayhem is about "The Thames Torso Murders of 1887-89" with a paranormal twist to it. I didn't know before I read Mayhem that Jack the Ripper wasn't the only killer on the lose at the time. Sarah Pinborough has taken real characters and used them in this book, which was a great move to make. Police Surgeon Dr Thomas Bond who is the MC in this book worked on the case IRL.


I had forgotten what the book was about when I started to read it. I didn't even check up the book on GR to refresh my memory so I was a bit surprised when the book turned paranormal and frankly I would have preferred a ordinary crime novel instead of paranormal one. But it was a good read, not as good as I had hoped it to be. I would have preferred a real flesh and blood killer instead of what I got. But that is on me since I didn't check up the book before I read it.


But I liked it enough that I look forward to read the next book in the series! And the cover for the next book is just as gorgeous as this one (yeah I'm a cover junkie)!