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Hunter of Sherwood: The Red Hand (Guy of Gisburne, #2)

Hunter of Sherwood: The Red Hand - Toby Venables

Hunter of Sherwood: The Red Hand is the sequel to Hunter of Sherwood: Knight of Shadows.


Guy of Gisburne is a knight and agent to Prince John. Gisburne is returning to England after having saved Jerusalem from going up in flames. But he has hardly landed on England’s shores before he is “summoned” to a meeting with Prince John. Someone has killed a knight and it seems that more will be killed by the “Red Hand”! Now it’s up to Gisburne to find out who the killer is and stop him.


When I read a book that has over 500 pages it better be good, it better not have a lot of filler. This book hasn’t a lot of filler. When I was somewhere in the middle I thought back to everything I had read and realized that every scene I had read was important to the story. That’s a good feeling. So I just plowed through the book enjoying the adventure, the action, the humor and the very well written story. And of course tried to get my brain to grasp the fact that it’s Gisburne and Prince John that are the heroes in this book, not Robin Hood and Richard the Lionheart (damn you movies)!


But I must admit that I had a soft spot for Robin Hood and some of my favorite scenes involved him and Gisburne. And somehow it was really nice to see a more darker side to Robin Hood (can be because I‘m more of fan of antiheros than heroes) Anyway this a terrific book, perfect for anyone that likes adventure, action and humor all in one!


4 stars


Thank you Netgalley for providing me with a free copy for an honest review!