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Hinges: Book 1 Clockwork City

Hinges Book One: Clockwork City - Meredith Mcclaren

A graphic novel about a doll named Orio and her familiar Bauble. Usually it's the doll that picks it's familiar, but this time it's the familiar that picks the doll...

What an odd graphic novel, I really wanted to like it and I was in the beginning intrigued about the story then just the story became a bit confusing. Orio is suppose to find herself an occupation, but Bauble ruins it for her all the time and then something else shows up in the Clockword city.

I actually found the ending a bit confusing so I reread it on the computer after reading the graphic novel on the iPad and the story did make much more sense on the computer. But I still feel that this story is really odd.

But the art was really good and I would like to read more about Orio and Bauble.

3 stars

Thank you Netgalley for providing me with a free copy for an honest review!