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Above the Waterfall by Ron Rash

Above the Waterfall - Ron Rash

Les is a long-time sheriff in a small Appalachia town and he has a close albeit a bit problematical relationship with Becky a park ranger since both are damage people with sad memories and that makes them a bit restrained and not eager to jump into a new relationship. Les only has 3 more weeks to work when a Gerard an elderly man is accused of posing the trout stream out of revenge because the resort that owns the land don't want him trespassing on the land because he is scaring the guests. Becky is convinced that Gerard is innocent and Les isn't so sure either that Gerald is the one behind the deed. And, there are some people that would benefit from Gerald convicted and off his land...

I'm a big fan of Craig Johnson's Longmire series and when I saw this book about a sheriff in an Appalachia town, well I jump at the chance to read it. In several ways it did remind me of the Longmire books. We have an elderly sheriff in small town and also the day shift dispatcher is called Ruby and we even have a character called Martha in the book. So now and then I got some Longmire vibes. What the book lacked was a Vic characters. But I liked Becky, she is a park ranger with a sad past, she survived a school shooting as a kid and the memories of that is something she is carrying with her all the time. Les and Becky have a close bond and it shows in the book.

The story in the book, the case with Gerald is my biggest problem because I felt right away that he is probably innocent and if it is somebody else isn't there many suspect so choose from. So even though I enjoyed the book I also felt that it would have been so much more interesting to read if the story had been more elaborated. A twist or two to the story would have been great. Now it was just an acceptable reading, not an engrossing one. And, that is too bad because I really liked both Les and Becky.


I received this copy from the publisher through Edelweiss in return for an honest review! Thank you!