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Daisy in Chains by Sharon Bolton

Daisy in Chains - Sharon Bolton


Maggie Rose is a reclusive successful lawyer and a bestselling true-crime writer. And, she doesn't take on cases if she doesn't think she can win. So, when serial killer Hamish Wolfe wants her as his lawyer is she from the beginning doubtful about taking him on. Hamish is handsome and charismatic and Maggie believes that she is immune to his charms since she has never let any of her clients get to her- But, maybe, this time, she has taken on someone that even she will have a hard time resist...

Oh wow, what a book. What a ride! What I love with Sharon Bolton's book is not only her ability to write thrilling twisted stories, that's her ability to create interesting and extremely fascinating characters like Maggie Rose and Hamish Wolfe. From the beginning was I captivated with the story and I loved the feeling of not knowing how it all would end. I mean questions like; is Hamish innocent or not, why is the cop that caught Hamish keeping a close eye on Maggie, that is starting to feel a bit stalkerish,and who the hell is Maggie Hope, what makes her tick?

Many, many questions went through my head during the time I read the book. And, it's hard to write about what's so interesting about it without giving anything away. But, I will say this, nothing is at it seems, sure some things that happen makes sense, but I never saw that ending coming.
I want to thank Random House for providing me with a free copy for an honest review!