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Gone, baby, gone (Kenzie and Gennaro #4)

Gone, baby, gone (Kenzie and Gennaro #4) - Dennis Lehane, Ulf Gyllenhak Angie and Patrick reluctantly take on a case to find a missing girl. But as usual, nothing are as it seems at this case just like many before them will take a toll on them both.

In Gone, Baby, Gone you really get a taste of darkness and an overdose of evil. I finished the book a couple of weeks ago, but this was a book that actually was so awful to read, the first Lehane book I had to read in phases, not right through because it was sometimes too awful to read. I also waited a while to write the review. Sometimes dwelling in darkness isn't that nice and after Gone, Baby, Gone I just wanted to read easy things and watch fun things on TV.

Rating the book was also hard. I gave the book 4.5 stars after I finished the book, but after thinking it through these weeks after finishing the book, have I decided to give the four instead, knock off a half star more. I found the book too dark and disturbing for my taste. I hate reading books when children get hurt and for instance, the pedophile part of the books was horrific.