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Carter & Lovecraft

Carter & Lovecraft - Jonathan L. Howard Daniel Carter, ex-homicide detective, but now private investigator is quite surprised when he learns that he has inherited a bookstore in Providence from someone he has never heard of. Emily Lovecraft is surprised and not so happy about it, she is the manager of the bookstore, and have been that for the last seven years since the owner of the bookstore disappeared. She is also H.P. Lovecraft's last descendant. Lovecraft, the man who wrote stories about the Great Old Oles and the Elder Gods. But, that's only stories, right?

If I would put together a list from last year of the books I most look forward to reading would this one be quite high up on it. So of course, I got declined at NetGalley. But, then I convinced the library in my town to purchase it. And, then I waited, and waited, 2015 become 2016 and still I waited. Then, behold, I got an email from the library that told me that the book had arrived and I skipped down to the library to pick it up. Alright, I walked down, I'm not in a Disney movie or a child.

The book was good, perhaps not as good as I wanted it to be, but I guess my expectation was off the roof by then. But it was the kind of book where I took the time to really read it, no fast reading here, but that is also quite necessary. I felt that Carter & Lovecraft is not a book that you just storm through. Or at least, that's my opinion. Also, I had waited so long to read it so I didn't want to just read it in one sitting. The plot is really interesting with Carter and Lovecraft trying to stop a man that kind bend reality at will. A man that can kill you in a car by drawing, without water.

I think my favorite part of the book was towards the end when Carter and Lovecraft really started to work together to stop the madman from destroying reality. And, what an ending. So brilliant.

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