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Himlens fånge (The Prisoner of Heaven)

The Prisoner of Heaven - Carlos Ruiz Zafón

The year is 1957. It’s just before Christmas in Barcelona and Daniel and Bea are living with their son above the bookstore Sempere & Sons. The faithful servant Fermín is about to get married. One day an old man visits the bookstore and he want to buy an old and valuable version of The Count of Monte Cristo. But he doesn’t take the book with him instead he leaves the books with a dedication…


The book continues the story that started in The Shadow of the Wind and also has ties with The Angel's Game witch story takes place before The Shadow of the Wind. In many ways it’s a really good story, you get to know what happened to David Martin from The Angel's Game and his connection to the Sempere family. Well you don’t get all the answers, the ending has a “to be continued” feeling over itself. And since the book had only 300 pages (the Swedish version) and I just think Carlos Ruiz Zafón could have written well at least 100-200 pages more and just given the book a better ending instead of leaving one hanging. Well it’s a smart move because now one just has to have the next book…when it comes…


The Angel's Game was such a great book that really pulled you inside and this book for all its promises didn’t really reach the same level, it was good and I love the connection to The Count of Monte Cristo (need to re read the book), I loved to know what happened to David Martin, how and where he wrote his book. I just want more…more Daniel Sempere and more David Martin…more about the Cemetery of Forgotten Books …